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Welcome to the Guru Developer Network. We are excited for all the amazing things you will do here!

The Guru Developer Network provides a platform for users to leverage Guru knowledge and analytics, as well as build automated workflows that create efficiencies for their teams. You do not have to be a developer to use the developer network! Some integrations will require more custom code than others. Pick the path that makes the most sense for your needs and your team.

The Guru API allows developers to interact with Guru data in their own applications or third party apps. The API allows for most read and write capabilities that you will need to support your integrations. Some examples of things you can do with the API include:

  • Pull your analytics data from Guru into a separate BI tool or data warehouse
  • Sync content to or from Guru
  • Trigger actions or notifications in other tools from things that happen in Guru
  • Publish Guru content

Integration Platforms
Today Guru is available on two iPaaS (Integration as a Service) platforms, Zapier and Workato. With these two platforms, you can build integrations between Guru and any of the other thousands of applications supported by these platforms. Use a low code or no code approach to build automated workflows between Guru and your favorite applications. Some examples of workflows you can build include:

  • Create content in Guru when a new release is added to GitHub
  • Send messages to a specific Slack channel when a trust score drops below a threshold in Guru
  • Create Asana tasks from unverified Guru cards
  • Create a new item in Monday.com whenever a card comment is created

The Guru webhooks provide your webserver with real time events from things happening in Guru. You can leverage these for your own custom integration by subscribing to the specific webhooks you need. Some examples of events you can subscribe to include:

  • Tag created
  • Card comment resolved
  • Card deleted

The Guru SDK makes it easier to take advantage of some of our API capabilities by providing "out of the box" functionality that minimizes the amount of code you have to write yourself. With only a few additional lines of code you can implement capabilities, such as the following:

  • Reading card content
  • Inviting users to teams and assigning them to groups
  • Syncs and imports
  • Publishing content to third party sites

Get in Touch
If you have uses or needs that are not currently supported, reach out and let us know in the Guru Community or by using the "Suggest Edits" function on any page here. Feel free to share ideas or ask for help in the community. We look forward to working closely together and seeing all the incredible things you build!