User Tokens vs Collection Tokens

Understanding the differences between User-based tokens and Collection-based tokens

There are two types of API Tokens: User Tokens and Collection Tokens. User tokens have read and write permissions. Collection tokens only have read permissions as they're specific to a single Collection within your Guru instance.

Learn more below to understand which API credential type is best suited for your project needs.

User TokenCollection Token
Read/Write permissionsRead-only permissions
Authorized at the User-levelAuthorized at the Collection-level
GET, POST, PUT, DELETE requestsGET requests only
The results of your requests will be based on the level of authorization associated with the User whose token you are using. (I.E. A User token with Team Admin permissions will be able to do more than a User token with only Author permissions in some Collections.)Results of GET requests will only return results from the Collection associated with your token

Note: when using a collection token, you will first need to get the collection ID
This can be done using a User token to get all collections on your team.