Listing Cards

API Endpoint GET /v1/search/query
Search for cards.

Query Parameters

All query parameters are optional

q a Guru Query Language query string specifying the filters to apply to the query. See the Guru Query Language reference for details. Be sure to URL encode the query to make it safe for inclusion as a query parameter

  • searchTerms search terms found in the card title, content, and other properties

  • showArchived a boolean value (true or false indicating whether to show archived cards. If set to true, the searchTerms parameter will be ignored.

  • maxResults the maximum number or results to be returned by the query. Can not exceed 50

  • sortField the field to sort the results by. Available fields are...

    • lastModified the date the card was last modified. This is the default sort field with default sort order of descending

    • lastModifiedBy the user that last modified the card

    • boardCount the number of folders the card is in

    • verificationState the trust status (Trusted, NeedsVerification) of the card

    • copyCount the number of times the card has been copied

    • viewCount the number of times the card has been viewed

    • favoriteCount the number of times the card has been favorited

    • dateCreated the date the card was created

    • verificationInterval the frequency in days the card needs to be verified

    • verifier the user or group that is responsible for verifying the card

    • owner the user that created the card

    • lastVerifiedBy the user that last verified the card

    • lastVerified the date the card was last verified

    • popularity a Guru metric indicating how popular the card is

    • title the title of the card

  • sortOrder either asc for ascending order or desc for descending order

Sample Request

A call to get up to 10 cards that were modified in the last 7 days would include a query
lastModified < 7_days_ago and would look like this < 7_days_ago&maxResults=10

Sample Response

The response will include an array of card objects, including title, content, id, and other relevant information for the cards Results for these calls can be paged.

See the Paging documentation for more information