Updating a Webhook

Certain fields of a webhook are modifiable post creation. These fields can be updated via:
PUT https://api.getguru.com/api/v1/webhooks/{webhookId}

Modifiable Fields

  • targetUrl
  • deliveryMode
  • filter
  • status (note this field can also be updated independently, see Changing the Status of a Webhook below)

Note, all fields are required when updating the webhook.

Request and response look the same as the examples in Creating a Webhook documentation.

Changing the Status of a Webhook

At any point in time, the owner of a webhook can change the status of the webhook (ENABLED <-> DISABLED). e.g. if there are problems with the webhook, it can be paused (DISABLED) while those issues are resolved. Once all the issues are resolved, the webhook can be re-enabled (ENABLED). The status can be modified via:
PUT https://api.getguru.com/api/v1/{webhookId}/status?value={status}

Note that while a webhook is not ENABLED, any events generated during that time will be lost.

Certain errors may also cause the system to automatically mark the webhook as ERRORED (the owner of the webhook will be notified via email). The reason that a webhook is ERRORED is available in the statusReason field of the webhook (see Getting a Webhook documentation for more information).