Create card

Content and title are required. Card share status should be set to TEAM to make a card team shared. Omitting the share status value or setting it to PRIVATE will result in a card that is only accessible by the card owner. This endpoint allows the verifier to be set upon card creation, rather than requiring a separate call.

Example Request Payload

    "content": "<h1 class=\"ghq-card-content__large-heading\" data-ghq-card-content-type=\"LARGE_HEADING\">Here is a Header</h1><p class=\"ghq-card-content__paragraph\" data-ghq-card-content-type=\"paragraph\">Here is some body content</p><p class=\"ghq-card-content__paragraph ghq-is-empty\" data-ghq-card-content-type=\"paragraph\"></p>",
    "preferredPhrase": "Card Title",
    "collection": {
        "id": "796ea6f8-6132-4202-a1db-64635f1cf2e7"
    "folderIds": [
    "tags": [
            "id": "4f386d5e-75b4-4171-8e14-588a50f578ce"
    "shareStatus": "TEAM",
    "verificationInterval": "90",
    "verifiers": [
            "type": "user",
            "id": "[email protected]",
            "user": {
                "email": "[email protected]"
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