October 6th, 2022

💻 New API Endpoints

We're excited to publish 6 new API endpoints to our Developer Network documentation! You can view the list of new endpoints below - better yet, you can try these out in real-time through our Developer Network site!

As always, if you have any API or integration related questions, please don't hesitate to reach out in our Community!

BoardsList all boardsGEThttps://api.getguru.com/api/v1/boards
CardsList the boards that a card is onGEThttps://api.getguru.com/api/v1/cards/{cardId}/boards
Card CommentsCreate a card commentPOSThttps://api.getguru.com/api/v1/cards/{cardId}/comments
CollectionsList details of all groups with access to a collectionGEThttps://api.getguru.com/api/v1/collections/{collectionId}/groups
User GroupsList details of all collections that a group has access toGEThttps://api.getguru.com/api/v1/groups/{groupId}/collections
User GroupsList group membersGEThttps://api.getguru.com/api/v1/groups/{groupId}/members