Hello, Developer Network!

🐫 Happy Wednesday! We're super pumped to introduce some changes we've made to our Developer Network documentation - read all about it 📰 in our NEW Changelog!

🤖 API Reference

We've listened to your feedback and exposed 35 (yep, thirty-five!) new API endpoints for you all to consume and build even more awesome things with! Check out our API Reference section to take a look around, or click here to see what's new!

📚 Guides

Guides are, well... step-by-step guides that walk you through how you can achieve a particular outcome. We've tidied them up and made the grouping a bit more intuitive so it's easier to find exactly what you're looking for!

🪵 Changelog

You're reading our very first post in our new Changelog! Here is where we'll keep our Developer Network updated with regards to specific changes we make to our Guides as well as our API Reference documentation. Don't worry - we'll continue to post updates in our Community too!

While we're excited to release these changes, we realize that providing you with the best possible toolset is an iterative process that we plan to stay on top of. We value your feedback and look forward to providing more updates in the near future!